I have worked long and hard on the perfect game plan for this industry… For years, I navigated this world alone and now that I look back I wish I had someone to teach me the ropes, those secret tricks, connect me to platforms I never knew existed. There’s a niche in this industry, for every model, every genre, and every aspect. I work out a customized game plan just for you. The goal is to speed up the success process and skip the mistakes. When you are under my coaching I will start by watching, then exploring, then tweaking. I will watch how you work, tweak. I will explore MORE avenues of capitalization , and I’ll tweak. My plans are customized to each individual model and their goals, wants, and needs. Everyone is on their on path, travel at your own pace. 


Put my skills to the test. You will have three days to ask me any and every question you may think of. I will be shooting out tips like crazy!


Need a little bit of help? This is a light weekly coaching session, I will answer your questions and critique your work.


This coaching session is about teaching you as much as possible in one week. You will have a checklist to complete each and everyday.


Need I say more? This session is a monthly session. We will explore new techniques, tweak your old ones & on your own, you'll begin to find new ones. Goal setting and checklists daily.

To inquire about my rates, please message me via Telegram and allow up to 24 hours for a response..